Meet the gold medal Ortwein Staff and all the "things" they love!

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Mrs. Holloway


My husband and 4 kids, confetti, UCLA, the Dodgers, my dogs, the 49ers, and SportsCenter

Ms. Castillo

Assistant Principal

My two daughters and our miniature schnauzer, strong coffee, a GREAT burger, Twizzlers, purple pens, reading, traveling, and the color yellow.

Mrs. Nixon

Office Manager

GOD, my husband, my children, my 9 wonderful grandkids, family, and the New Orleans Saints

Ms. Sitas


My kids, coffee, laughing, and going to concerts

Mrs. Edwards

School Aide

My husband and 4 kids, my dog, doing hair, fashion, laughing, and collecting hearts of all kinds

Ms. Fajardo

First Aide Safety Assistant (FASA)

Stay tuned to learn more!

Ms. Narag

School Nurse

God, my family, my 2 dogs, traveling and reading

Mrs. Lynaugh


My husband, teaching, traveling, singing, comedy, food, NCAA March Madness, the Golden Knights, and canines

Ms. Hanevold


My husband & family, my puppy, the Minnesota Vikings, Disneyland (churros!), Dutch Bros, going to concerts, VGK, watermelon, and crime podcasts 

Ms. Coe


Leopard print, potatoes, Chai tea, my family, and MUSIC

Ms. Perillo


My family and friends, my fur baby, the Chicago Cubs, gel manicures, traveling, and concerts


Family, coffee, reading, rainy days, movies, tacos, Netflix, Ohio State Buckeyes (O-H!),

Ms. Brunskill


My son, my friends, coffee, reading, traveling, the mountains, learning new things, chocolate, and cheesecake

Mrs. Nadeau

1st Grade

My husband, 3 girls,my family and friends,frogs, shooting and reading

Mrs. Van Hoose

1st Grade

Chocolate chip cookies, the Cubs, the Bears, reading mysteries, my family, and my dog

Mrs. Vance

1st Grade

My husband and two children, reading, and traveling with my family

Mrs. Adsit

1st Grade

My parents, my husband, my four kitties, tap dancing, my tap shoes, Disneyland, my home, polka-dots, glitter, fun colored pens and pencils, chips and salsa, sushi, chocolate, cupcakes,  ice cream, Dr Pepper, baseball games, Gerber daisies, sunflowers, summer, and Easter

Mrs. Zobb

1st Grade

Traveling, the beach, my husband, my family, my 3 Jack Russell Terriers, friends, the Pittsburgh Steelers, coffee, and country music

Mrs. Seybert

1st Grade

My family, the Yankees, Vegas Golden Knights, Disneyland, playing sports/coaching, and Lake Tahoe

2nd Grade

Family, friends, things with sparkles, chocolate, magazines, exercise, the sun, U of A, and organization

Mrs. Schaefer

2nd Grade

My husband and dog Zoey, Wisconsin sports teams, chocolate, reading, and the ocean

Mr. Cooper

2nd Grade

My family, teaching, and spending time surrounding myself with alacritous people that want to make the world a kinder place to live

Mrs. Fares

2nd Grade

My family, dark chocolate, Cowboys, Vegas Golden Knights, coffee and the beach

Mrs. Guerzon

2nd Grade

My husband and 4 kids, traveling, food, the beach, photography, music, reading, and Starbucks

Mrs. Marcotte

2nd Grade Teacher

My husband and daughter, my dog, my supportive family,  Disneyland, the beach, traveling, Vegas Golden Knights hockey, Dallas Cowboys football, playing soccer and kickball, and tap dancing

Mrs. Castle

3rd Grade

My family and friends, watching my daughter dance, building Legos with my son, crafting, traveling, the beach, Disney, Target, IKEA, and Starbucks

3rd Grade

Binge watching Netflix with my husband and our fur baby Ian, teaching, friends and family, Red Wings and Golden Knights hockey, eating out, listening to music, and the Minions

Mrs. Burns

3rd Grade

My husband and daughter Harley, reading, camping, going to the beach, Legos, journaling, motorcycles, and watching movies

Mrs. Gorospe

3rd Grade

My husband and dog Bella, traveling the world, animals (especially sea turtles), the ocean, shopping at Target and Lush, and cute DIY craft projects

Ms. McIntosh

3rd Grade

My family and our cat Teddy, traveling, learning about different cultures, theater and the arts, animals (especially penguins!), hiking, sports, Disney, Harry Potter, movies, and my past and future students

Mrs. Goins

4th and 5th Grade

My family, teaching and learning, traveling, coffee, reading, and glitter

Mrs. Stout

4th Grade

My husband, two dogs, teaching and learning, Disney, Disneyland, and Target

Ms. Synold

4th Grade

My husband and two daughters, travel, shopping at Target and Amazon, cooking, Donor's Choose, iced coffee, fonts, Netflix, home decor, and, of course, my incredible scholars

Ms. Kamolov-Jones

4th Grade

My family, singing, dancing, music, travelling, teaching, learning, art, discussing and enjoying Life

Ms. Valdes

5th Grade

My three adult children, my two grandsons, Igby the pug, Sookie the rescue cat, reading, writing, drawing, traveling, and crochet, especially Amigurumi, and Harry Potter

Ms. Wolfe

5th Grade

Reading, traveling, trying new things, teacher apparel, Starbucks, learning about anything, Puerto Rican food, and guinea pigs

Ms. Bowsher

5th Grade

My husband, all my family back in Toledo, Ohio, my three dogs: Ruby, Vinny, and Ziva, potato chips, science and math,  gardening, Pepsi, and llamas

Mrs. House


Being a wife and mom of a son and daughter, being a counselor, family and friend gatherings, tacos, the beach, home decorating, Sundays, Disneyland, cruises,Target, Trader Joe's, and Peach tea

Mrs. Zaccagnino

Read By Grade 3 Strategist

​My family, teaching, learning new things, swimming, music, visiting new places, Buffalo Bills, and our Golden Knights

Mrs. Ridley

Math Strategist

My 3 children, my husband, my 6 brothers, the color green, the US military, learning new things, and the NY Yankees

Mrs. O'Connell


My husband, family, my fluffy children: Tetah, Peanut Butter(PB), Jelly, Mettie and Freya, coffee, Disney's Stitch, reading, crafting, favorite color:Purple, writing my kitten's blog "Freya's Adventures"


Being a dad, dark roasted coffee, art in all its forms, and things and people that are funny

Mr. Reese


All sports (especially golf), reading, 4 wheeling in my jeep and ATV’s, watching the Chargers and Padres, and being an aspiring author

Mrs. Aldrich


My husband and 3 kids, reading, traveling, University of Michigan, crafting, camping, pink, sparkles, and polka dots

Ms. Pacheco


My husband, my dog Raven, my family, trying new foods, Thai food, traveling, coffee, art, and nature

Mrs. Shimizu


My husband, 3 children, favorite son-in-law,  2 grandchildren, spicy food, the color green, swimming, VGK and traveling

Mrs. Brill

Primary Autism

My husband, 2 kids and 2 dogs, glitter, crafting, camping, and ATV riding

Mrs. Fritz

Intermediate Autism

My husband and 2 boys, my dogs and cat, and my family

Mrs. Sherrell


My husband and 8  children, reading, being outside, playing Settlers of Catan, watching British cooking shows, cheering on the Seahawks, snorkeling, sleeping

Mrs. Klein


My husband, my dog, our Vegas Golden Knights, NY Mets, Thai food, Mexican food, NY pizza, reading, learning, Netflix, animals, and vacations on Coronado Island

Mrs. Kelly


Being a wife, my adorable 2 doggies Opi and Roxy, Disney & Pixar, Winnie the Pooh, Harry Potter, essential oils, Chocolate Labs, music, watching movies, Miami Dolphins, Marvel Comics, chai lattes, crocheting, colorful hair, and always looking on the sunny side of life​

Ms. Escario

STAR Teacher

My family, coffee, flowering plants, kid talent shows, and nature 

Ms. Beulah


Taking vacations, working on crafty projects, event/party styling, blogging, documenting life through photos, my family with two kids, and spaghetti


Worshiping God, life as a wife and mother, traveling, Science Fiction, and trying different ethnic food

Mrs. Scrofani

Special Education Instructional Facilitator (SEIF)

My kids, my job, Mexican food, pizookies, milk shakes, hot fudge sundaes, and visiting my family in California

Ms. Bisda


My husband, two amazing daughters, crafting with my kids, all things Disney, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Golden Knights, and my two cats (Nala and Yolo)

Ms. Breslin


My husband, 2 kids, my dog, coffee, the outdoors, creativity, sports and games, and laughter

Coach Jones

PE Assistant

My wife, family, golf, Yankees baseball, Penguins hockey, strombolis, theme parks, and children

Ms. Cherry

KIDS Assistant

My husband and 2 daughters, traveling, spending time with my family, the Seattle Seahawks, planning trips, parties and family events

Ms. Turco

KIDS Assistant

My 2 sisters and my brother, brother in law, my niece and my 2 nephews, Vegas Golden Knights, SF 49’ers, New York Mets, Magnum P.I, and Hawaii 5-0


Pre-K Assistant

Stay tuned to learn more!

Ms. Antonio

Pre-K Assistant

My family, my dog Coco, playing the piano, random music sessions with my daughter, home decorating, the beach, hiking and climbing trees